Questions. . .we get questions. And we usually have an answer. If you have any questions, let us know and we'll do our best to answer them.

Q.) My new Littlite LED only produced a red light when I plug it into my console. Why??

A.) Chances are your console has a dimmer for the task light connector. Depending on the type of dimming used in the console, if it is set at less than 100% it will not provide enough voltage to the connector for the LED circuit board in your Littlite to operate fully. Find the dimmer control and turn it up. Note: If you have a digital console, sometime the task light dimmer can be buried in the programming matrix. See the bottom of this web page for task light dimming instructions for the Behringer X-32 and MIDAS M-32.

Q.) Can I power my Littlite from 48v phantom power on my console and why not?

A.) Phantom power is supplied to microphones over the microphone's audio cable. In the old days, capacitor microphones had tube amplifiers in the microphone to amplify the small high impedance signal. The standard for phantom power is +48 volts applied to BOTH sides of the audio signal pair through two resistors, with the V- connected to ground and shield. The voltage is too high for efficiently driving LED's, and the available current, limited by the series resistors, is a maximum of 2 to 10 mA, depending on the console design. (That is a maximum of about a tenth of a watt available.)

It is possible that that a lamp with a bunch of LED’s in series, like maybe 8, could be powered from the phantom supply, but the other detail is that any disturbance to the phantom supply could cause noise in sensitive audio inputs, which, as they say, would be bad.

Q.) When I plug my X or XR series Littlite into my console the gooseneck points in the wrong direction. What gives?

A.) For decades XLR panel sockets on audio and lighting consoles have been installed with the same orientation. Recently, and for a variety of reasons, some console manufacturers have installed the XLR panel socket turned sideways or upside down from the normal configuration resulting in the light going exactly where it is not needed.

Thankfully the design of our Littlite LLX XLR style connectors enable you to re-orient the pin inserts to match your console's panel socket. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download instructions for this process.

Q.) Can I convert my old Littlite to an LED and why not?

A.) While there are 12-volt, mini-bayonet base LED bulbs available all of the samples we've tested have been icky. Most of them product very little useful light and the few that put out enough light are very bulky and don't fit under our hood. . and without the hood you get a face full of light.

Q.) How do you pronounce "Littlite"?

A.) Little Light.

Q.) Where are Littlites made?

A.) The good old US of A. Hamburg, Michigan to be exact (and before you ask, Hamburg is just north of Ann Arbor). Not only do we design, build, package and ship everything from Hamburg-Just-North-of-Ann-Arbor but we try, whenever possible, to use local/domestic sources for our components.

Q.) Will Littlites work on any sound or lighting console?

A.) Yes. And maybe no. Yes, Littlites are compatible with all major sound and lighting consoles with a 12-volt task light connector (see question #1 for the "phantom power" query) and that's what you probably have. However, it is possible that somewhere there exists a console with inadequate power or a funky connector we're not familiar with. If you find one, let us know because we need to help them.

Q.) Does Littlite make a light I can plug into a USB connector and why not?

A.) We don't make a gooseneck light that plugs directly into a USB connector because A.) USB connectors only deliver 5-Volts and we need 7 more (5+7=12) and 2.) USB connectors are lousy mechanical connectors and don't have enough oomph to hang on to a Littlite especially when you are wrenching it around like I've seen you do. HOWEVER. . if you want to power a Littlite from a USB connector, our new ANSER series lampsets and desk lights with our optional ANSER-USB cord will operate just fine on most* USB ports. (*"Most" meaning that it depends on the device and how many other USB peripherals are connected to said device.)

Q.) My Littlite has a BNC connector and it spins freely on the connector. Is this normal?

A.) Yes. BNC connectors do not prevent the gooseneck from spinning once it is attached. This is usually not a problem if the light is on a flat surface but if the surface is slanted or vertical it becomes an issue. BNC connectors are common on inexpensive and small/medium format consoles because the connectors are affordable and take up very little space. We have two suggestions if this has become a major headache for you.

1.) Install a piece of heavy-duty heat shrink tubing to the bottom of the gooseneck and the top part of the BNC connector. This will fuse the BNC to the gooseneck and minimize the rotation. The pdf link below (BNC FIX) illustrates this process.

2.) Replace the BNC connector with a TNC connector and use our T-Series lights. The TNC connector is a threaded version of the BNC and once the gooseneck is threaded on, it stays put much better.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This should only be done by a qualified service technician and it WILL void the warranty on the console!!!

Q.) What are the electrical requirements for Littlite products?

A.) Standard Littlite products operate on 12-Volts. MV and CC products operate on 12-28 vdc and the ANSER operates on 5-28 vdc.

Q.) Can Littlites be used outdoors?

A.) Littlite products are not weather resistant and we do not recommend using them in applications that would expose the light to excessive moisture.

Q.) Can I connect more than one Littlite to the power supply?

A.) Yes, our GXF-10 is rated at 1 Amp and can power up to eight LED models or two halogen models. Use our PYE, WYE and EXT accessory cables to connect multiple lights to a single power supply.

Q.) Can I surface mount my Littlite?

A.) Littlite lampsets use a 1" x 3" metal chassis. The bottom chassis plate is designed to mount to any flat surface. Mounting instructions are included with your Littlite.


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